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st: "testing" a cluster analysis

From   "Adam Seth Litwin" <>
Subject   st: "testing" a cluster analysis
Date   Tue, 06 Feb 2007 19:06:21 -0500

Hello. I just ran a cluster analysis, not a technique I use frequently. I have seven binary variables forming, at the moment, five clusters. I thought a useful exercise would be the following:

For each of the seven variables, examine its mean in all five clusters. Then, run an F-test to show that the means are not equal across all five clusters.

So, for example, I type
- tabstat var1, by(CLUSTER) stat(n mean)

But, I'm not sure how to run the F-test. Really, I am doing a group comparison of means. But, I cannot use

- ttest var1, by(CLUSTER)

since there are more than two clusters.

Any thoughts? Thank you for your help. adam

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