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RE: st: wish for logit output

From   Richard Williams <>
Subject   RE: st: wish for logit output
Date   Sun, 04 Feb 2007 13:25:47 -0500

At 01:04 PM 2/4/2007, Newson, Roger B wrote:
The way to get the exponentiated constant coefficient with -logit- is to
define explicitly the X-variable of ones corresponding to the intercept,
and then to include this variable explicitly in the model, using the
-noconst- option. As in:

sysuse auto, clear
gene byte baseline=1
logit foreign baseline trunk, or noconst

This will display the baseline odds of non-US origin for cars with zero
trunk space, as well as the odds ratio of non-US origin per cubic foot
of trunk space. This trick is equally useful for defining confidence
intervals for geometric means and their ratios. See Newson (2003), which
can also be purchased together with 32 other useful Stata tips in
Newton and Cox (2006).
Nice tip. That does zap the LR Chi Square and Pseudo R^2 stats. To get everything, you could run the command twice, once with the nonconst option and once without it.

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