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st: RE: fine tuning do files

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: fine tuning do files
Date   Mon, 30 Oct 2006 16:30:08 -0000

UltraEdit is beyond my ken. 

On 2), do files can have arguments. Here is a simple example: 

regress `1' `2' 
tempvar pred 
predict `pred' 
scatter `1' `pred', xti(predicted) 

args y x 
regress `y' `x' 
tempvar pred 
predict `pred' 
scatter `y' `pred', xti(predicted) 

Diego can call these by 

sysuse auto, clear 
do classic mpg weight 
do diego mpg weight 

The mapping of arguments is (classically) 

first argument  -> `1' 
second argument -> `2' 
(guess what follows) 

but a simple call to -args- means you 
can set up your own more meaningful names. 

But this is all standard stuff; Diego and others
interested should now study [U] 16 and esp. [U] 
16.6.1 as it is all in The Fine Manual, including 

I ignored the idea of interaction with the program
in the sense of the program asking a question. You 
can do it, as documented at [P] display or in 
the corresponding help, but it's not Stataish. 
(Nor is the spelling "STATA", twenty-something years
out of date.) 


Diego Bellavia
> I am working on the fine-tuning of some .do files I
> have prepared for diagnostics in regression analysis
> (simple regression so far), and i have some questions
> about that: 
> 1) I integrated UltraEdit and STATA as kindly reported
> by Nick Cox. 
> 2) The scripts I have prepared are very simple and
> work pretty fine, but I have to edit them everytime I
> change the outcome and predictor(s) of the model.
> Would it be possible to have some interaction with the
> script itself ? In simple words, I would like to
> modify the script so that would be STATA to ask me
> what are the outcome (y) and predictor(s) (x or x1 x2
> x3...) and run the script consequently. Is there a way
> to create such an interaction with the program ? 

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