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Re: st: Stata vs SPSS

From   Maarten buis <>
Subject   Re: st: Stata vs SPSS
Date   Fri, 13 Oct 2006 22:23:30 +0100 (BST)

Let me start with 5 reasons, and leave the rest to others:

If they use SPSS, they will still have to type in commands, only in
SPSS it is called a syntax file not a do file. Doing data analysis and
especially data preparation without a syntax/do file is a sure
guarantee for disaster. You will make mistakes, which take only seconds
to find and repair if you have a syntax/do file, but will mean redoing
everything if you haven't.

The Stata syntax is a lot more consistent than the SPSS syntax
(sometimes variables should be seperated by commas sometimes not, etc.)

The Stata output is a lot more consistent than the output of SPSS, so
you need to learn how to read it only ones.

I have given computer labs using SPSS, and it crashes a lot: 3 to 4
crashes during each hour session with approx. 50 computers. I cannot
remember the last time I crashed Stata. 

I like Stata because I can write my own programs in it, your students
might like Stata because others might have written programs that they
can use. 

also have a look at


--- Raphael Fraser <> wrote:

> I am being persecuted by some of my students for having to learn
> Stata
> rather than SPSS. "SPSS is so easy to use" they say. "Why do we have
> to type every thing?" one student complained. This is always the case
> in my Intro to Stata classes but at the end of the course they show
> much appreciation for learning Stata especially when they have to do
> data manipulation. But this year is different. There is a student
> rebellion. They see me as a "Stata Dictator" and is desirous of
> "Democracy." So I have decided to be more "diplomatic" with a Stata
> vs
> SPSS comparison.
> Who can come up with TEN reasons why my students should choose Stata
> over SPSS?
> Raphael
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