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st: Zero-inflated negative binomial model with firm fixed effects

From   "Pierre Azoulay" <>
Subject   st: Zero-inflated negative binomial model with firm fixed effects
Date   Tue, 10 Oct 2006 13:40:38 -0400

I suspect that it is not possible to condition out the fixed effects
in the zero inflated negbin model (even though it possible to do so in
the fixed effect logit model and the negbin model). If I am wrong, I
am sure someone else will correct me.


why do you need this? even if you could run such a model, the
estimates would only be valid under a set of rather restrictive (and
difficult to test) distributional assumptions. I would argue that
xtpoisson with QML standard errors (and not the ML standard errors
produced by xtpoisson) is actually what you need. The only thing it
assumes is that you can write E[y|X]=exp(X'beta), which will be true
even if there is a big mass point at 0 for the dependent variable.
Nothing about the variance and higher order moments. Tim Simcoe at
Toronto has developed a variation on xtpoisson that will do what you

For more on the QML vs ML and count models, refer to chapter 19 in
Wooldridge's econometric textbook.



I would like to know if anyone has written code to implement the fixed
effects ZINB?  I would really appreciate your assistance.  The standard
set up in Stata only implements fixed effects models for the standard
Poisson and negative binomial models.


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