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RE: st: list mechanics

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: st: list mechanics
Date   Fri, 25 Aug 2006 14:33:47 +0100

We are going round in circles here. As Marcello indicated
in his usual gentle way yesterday, 

1. Known problems (like the one indicated just below) 
are documented in the Statalist FAQ. Whenever we identify 
a problem, we document it, for your benefit and ours (we
being Marcello and myself, who get lots of personal emails
from people who, almost always, just have not read the 
FAQ and are sending HTML/MIME, posting from addresses they 
didn't register from, etc.). 

2. Neverthless there are mysteries that can't put be down to these 
known problems. For example, one of my recent posts only 
got through at the third time of posting and the only 
reason I can think of for its being eaten twice was that 
I had a flippant (but not saucy) example that might have been eaten by 
a spam-beater, but I won't repeat it here just in case it 
happens again. If you say, "Why did my mail disappear?", without 
very much further information, then often no one can have any 

Unless someone has something concrete _and_ new deserving mention in the FAQ, 
can this thread fade away please? 


Jeph Herrin
> Jason,
> I have the problem whenever I inadvertently post to the
> list from an email address different from the one with
> which I am subscribed. The listserver simply ignores (and
> doesn't return) posts from email addresses that aren't
> subscribed.
> Jason Thompson wrote:
> > Has anyone had the experience that sent messages
> > never show up on the list? I seem to be receiving
> > but my own message from yesterday seems to have
> > disappeared into the ether. I'm using
> > <>, which appears
> > to be the same addy I see on this reply message.
> > Curious to see if this one finds its way...

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