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Re: st: Persistent "New update available" message

Subject   Re: st: Persistent "New update available" message
Date   Mon, 21 Aug 2006 09:42:39 -0500

Mike Lacy <> wrote:

> I'm getting the "new update available" every time I start up Stata 
> (v. 9).  When I -update all- Stata reports that both the executable 
> and the ado file are up to date. This behavior has occurred 
> subsequent to an occasion on which the internet connection failed in 
> the middle of an update.  Meanwhile, Stata seems to function 
> correctly, except for this bogus update report.  Any suggestions on 
> how to get the update flag to behave properly?

We're investigating this issue and will have a solution that will prevent the
update flag from getting out of sync with Stata's true update status from
happening in the future.  For now, you can do an -update executable, force-
(and possibly -update ado, force-) to force the flag to be reset.

This issue doesn't affect Stata's functionality other than to be a possible
annoyance to the user.  It is not necessary to reinstall Stata.  As a matter
of fact, it won't help at all because the update flag is stored in your
preferences which is independent of Stata's installation directory.

-Chinh Nguyen
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