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Re: st: estout: dodgy output in Excel

From   "Ramani Gunatilaka" <>
Subject   Re: st: estout: dodgy output in Excel
Date   Mon, 21 Aug 2006 19:20:25 +0600

Oh, I tried Michael's suggestion again and it worked. I think I
misunderstood it earlier.
This is what I did.
I first blocked a large area in an Excel spreadsheet and formatted the
cells to text.
Then I copied the estout output from the Stata results screen and
pasted them in the formatted Excel sheet. And voila!
Thanks so much. I really appreciate all of you writing in.

On 21/08/06, Ramani Gunatilaka <> wrote:
Many thanks to Friedrich, Philipp, Michael and Rodrigo for their suggestions.
I tried them all, but unfortunately none worked.
Here's what happened:
Freidrich - outputting as tab limited text file and converting text to
table in Word: Stata wouldn't accept tab as an option in the syntax as
estout * using wage.txt, cells (b(star fmt(%9.4f)) se(par fmt(%9.4f)))
stats(r2 N, fmt(%9.2f %9.0g) labels(R-squared)) legend varlabels(_cons
Constant) starlevels(* 0.05 ** 0.01) prefoot("") postfoot("")
varwidth(16) modelwidth(12) delimiter("") r tab

Stata said
option tab not allowed

When I tried to copy, paste in Word and convert to table the ordinary
txt file (without the 'tab' at the end), Word confused rows and
columns so that instead of getting the variable names down one column,
they went horizontally along with their coefficients and standard
errors. I didn't know how to fix that.
Philipp: estout would not accept brackets instead of parenthesis and
the syntax in the help file didn't provide that option.
Michael and Rodrigo: reformatting cells in Excel to negative numbers
or to text - tried both, neither worked.
Thanks so much for writing in. If anybody has further ideas I would be grateful.

On 21/08/06, Friedrich Huebler <> wrote:
> Ramani,
> You are mistaken when you write "this is not possible in Word
> itself". -estout- can save output as tab-delimited text files. These
> files can be converted to nicely looking tables in MS Word by copying
> the text to Word, selecting the table, going to the Table menu, and
> selecting Convert - Text to Table.
> Friedrich
> --- Ramani Gunatilaka <> wrote:
> > I have used estout to tabulate my regression results. I need to get
> > them into proper tabular form in Times New Roman in Word. Since
> > this is not possible in Word itself, I opened up the output txt
> > file in Excel.
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