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st: -by varname- and -est store-

From   Bernhard Ganglmair (BGSE) <>
Subject   st: -by varname- and -est store-
Date   Wed, 16 Aug 2006 17:43:42 +0200


I am struggling with -by- and the -estimates- command. Hopefully somebody can give me a hint.

I estimate a bivariate probit model for each value of the variable varname using clustered data, i.e. for various sub-populations defined by varname. The first approach that came into my mind was just running the biprobit with if varname==some value. The Stata manual on survey, however, tells me that I would incorrect variance estimates if I used -if-. It is suggested to use the by() or subpop() option. Since byprobit doesn't allow for by() or subpop() [version 8; no svybiprobit], I am running the following:

by varname, sort: biprobit y1 y2 varlist, cluster(ea)

For each value of varname I'd like to store the estimation results, -est store- however gives me only the results of the last value in varname.

How do I address results generated using -by-?

Best, Bernhard

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