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Re: st: Two points of procedure: informative titles, difficultiesin posting

From   Junk <>
Subject   Re: st: Two points of procedure: informative titles, difficultiesin posting
Date   Wed, 07 Jun 2006 09:30:51 -0400

As regards [2. Difficulties in posting], I would note that the
primary reason I have occasionally posted something twice is
because, whereas your FAQ clearly states I must post from the
account that I am subscribed under (which is standard for such
mailing lists), I find that often my postings from a separate,
non-subscribed account also get through. If I inadvertently
post from the non-subscribed account, and don't see it for a
while, I will repost from the subscribed account with the standard
comment. Sometimes both postings show up, sometimes just the second


Nick Cox wrote:
I have noticed a couple of recurrent small difficulties
in recent postings.
1. Informative titles

You are asked to use informative titles. This should be what an old teacher of mine called Augustus Caesar
(I kid you not: that was his real name) called "horse
sense", but we still see titles like "Question".
This is in your own best interests. I know that many
long-term members zap postings with titles like "Question" without even reading them as being with high prior probability an elementary question of no interest.
Therefore, to maximise your readership, and to increase informativeness, do think more about your title if your only thought is something like "Question".
2. Difficulties in posting

A fairly common comment is that you tried posting
something before, but are not sure that it got through. This comment should not usually be necessary. If something got through, it will be visible in the archives. Almost always, this will be within minutes
of posting. (The Harvard archives have a shorter response time than the StataCorp archives.) So, please check in the archives first.
The most common single reason that something
did not get through is that you sent your
posting in HTML or some other disapproved format.
Having said, HTML and similar _do_ sometimes
get through. Don't ask me why, as I don't know. But if you are in doubt about what you are sending, then, again, checking in the archives will show you.
As always, these and many other recommendations
are detailed in the FAQ (URL below my signature).
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