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Re: st: Creating HTML from SMCL log file including graphics - revised log2html.ado

From   "John Novak" <>
To   <>
Subject   Re: st: Creating HTML from SMCL log file including graphics - revised log2html.ado
Date   Fri, 19 May 2006 06:35:30 -0700

It seems to me that the SMCL folks need to be talking to the XSLT folks.
  I would not even classify myself as a novice with respect to XSLT, but
from my very limited understanding it would seem to be perfectly suited
to handle tasks like translating code from a structured markup language
into viewable HTML.

>>> 05/19/06 6:29 AM >>>
Thanks for pointing me to those other routines.  The grss command is
useful in its ability to save graphs and I like the automated naming
process.  However, it doesn't help with someone logging in interactive
mode.  I must give some further thought to a command similar to grss
that would (1) check that the session is being logged and (2) create a
sequentially incremented graphname based on the logname.  The
difference would be that it could be used both in a do and

Are we approaching the Holy Grail of integrated output?  Are the SMCL
folks listening?  ;-)


On 5/19/06, David Airey <> wrote:
> Note that do2htm uses grss internally to accomplish a similar
> With do2htm you preface graph commands in your do file with "grss".
> You might also look at these programs. Maybe a collage of log2html,
> grlog2html, do2htm, and grss is what you wanted. In any case I
> appreciate all of these. Thanks!
> -Dave
>> Please find below a revision of a routine that takes a smcl log
>> and converts it to HTML.  I have added a component that will add
>> tags to the HTML output to display png graphs that have been
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David Elliott

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