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st: RE: aliases for help files

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: aliases for help files
Date   Fri, 19 May 2006 13:59:07 +0100

I guess it's obvious, but for libraries or 
packages with lots of itty-bitty commands, 
I go for a single help file. -egenmore- 
from SSC is an example. That has its downsides, 
too, of size and even maintenance. (Rewritting
-egenmore.hlp- in SMCL was painful, despite 
all the editing tricks I could think up.) 


Ben Jann
> Hi, I asked Stata Tech Support about whether it is possible 
> for users to
> create aliases for help files:
> > Stata 9 has files containing helpfile aliases (e.g.
> > "ahelp_alias.maint"). My question is whether there is any way to
> provide
> > such alias-files in user packages. The background is as follows: My
> > -moremata- package (see -ssc d moremata-) contains some 50 functions
> or
> > so and keeps on growing. For each function there is a 
> sourcefile and a
> > helpfile. However only about 20 helpfiles or so are "real" 
> helpfiles.
> > The remaining helpfiles just point to another helpfile (i.e. contain
> ".h
> > whatever" to point to whatever.hlp). It would be great to be able to
> > gather together these aliases in just one file and thus reduce the
> > number of files in the package.
> Stata Tech Support replied:
> > Unfortunately, there isn't a way for users to create their 
> own aliases
> for
> > help files, etc.  You might want to post your question to 
> Stata's list
> > server (Statalist) to see what other authors have done in the past.
> So this is what I do now. Does anyone have suggestions?

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