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Re: st: Breslow-Day test - meta-analysis

From   Roger Harbord <>
Subject   Re: st: Breslow-Day test - meta-analysis
Date   Wed, 17 May 2006 10:02:13 +0100

--On 17 May 2006 07:08 +0100 Maarten buis <> wrote:

--- 27026 <> wrote:
I have a problem when performing my meta-analysis:
Instead of Q-Statistic, I would like to use the option "BRESLOW' to
perform the Breslow-Day test for homogeneity of the odds ratio.
However, my "METAN" command is not working.
In my version of -metan- there is no breslow option, so the breslow
option not working would make sense. The version I got is pretty old so
it is possible that there is a version roaming around in an other
archive that -adoupdate- did not pick up. Which version of -metan- are
you using?

I typed -which metan- and got:
*! version 1.0 5May98  STB-44 sbe24

The latest version of the -metan- command is only available as part of the -metaaggr- package. Type -ssc install metaaggr, replace- to install. -which metan- should then give

*! version 1.86 1Apr2004

However the command 27026 was trying is still not valid:

. metan a b c d, or breslow random
Breslow-Day heterogeneity option not available for D+L OR

The Breslow-Day test is in fact only available for fixed-effect Mantel-Haenszel meta-analysis of odds ratios, i.e.

. metan a b c d, or breslow fixed


. metan a b c d, or breslow

- should work ("fixed" is a default). Note that the Breslow-Day test statistic is still labelled "Heterogeneity chi-squared".

Hope that helps,

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