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st: Search for dates within range

From   "Hillgrove, Tessa (SA)" <>
Subject   st: Search for dates within range
Date   Wed, 17 May 2006 12:34:16 +1000

Title: Search for dates within range

Hi all,

My dataset is in the following format

ID      Attend Date     Type   
1       01-01-2003      Successful     
1       01-05-2003      Successful     
2       01-03-2002      Deferred       
2       31-12-2003      Unsuccessful   

I have two "problems" with my dataset : (1) I have more subjects than I need and (2) and a wider range of attendance dates than I need.

I am trying to identify subjects that had an appointment on any dates within a two month range.
I will drop all respondents who do not.

Of the respondents that did have an appointment, I will need to only consider attendance within a specific range (and drop the remainder).

Any ideas of how to do this?

Any assistance will be appreciated.


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