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st: RE: RE: Plots: save, log, ...

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: RE: Plots: save, log, ...
Date   Tue, 16 May 2006 00:20:09 +0100

Sorry, but you have lost me. 

Unless what you want is this: 

one big file that in some way keeps all
the graph files in a session, just as a .log
file can store all the results displayed in a session. 

There is no such thing. (You can use your operating
system or a text editor or a scripting language 
to produce such a file by concatenation, but it
won't help, as you will just have to unpack it 
all again before Stata can make sense of it.) 

A log file can include anything. 

The same does not apply to a graph file. 

A graph file at root contains Stata code to draw one graph. 
That graph can be a composite, but that's it. 


> Thanks. But since I really want the graphs individually, 
> combine does not 
> seem to be an option here.
> Ideally, I would like stata to save all the graphs in the do 
> file to one 
> single file. Note that I have a huge do file not only with 
> graphs but with 
> other statistics as well.
> Do I have to "copy paste" every plot?
> >From: "Nick Cox" <>

> >MA V
> >
> > > If I run a do file I can save all my output in a log file.
> > > But this will not
> > > include the graphics... So, is there an easy way of getting
> > > all the plots
> > > into a single file? I would like to avoid having to copy and
> > > paste the plots
> > > one by one...I have many plots in my do file so this last
> > > option can be very time-consuming.
> >
> >You can do this if you want. You just need to
> >issue names for the plots you produce, gather them
> >all together and then use -graph combine-.
> >
> >The principle is illustrated by this:
> >
> >---------------------
> >sysuse auto, clear
> >histogram mpg, saving(do1)
> >scatter mpg weight, saving(do2)
> >graph combine "do1" "do2"
> >---------------------
> >
> >In practice, almost always, users either want
> >graphs individually or have far too many graphs
> >to put on one plot. But there is no intrinsic
> >difficulty to what you want, nor a short-cut
> >way to doing it.
> >
> >Nick
> >

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