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st: Re: Stata change of commands etc.

From   "Jens Lauritsen" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: Re: Stata change of commands etc.
Date   Mon, 15 May 2006 09:26:44 +0200 (CEST)

Just a short comment on Nick's requote:
"I really doubt this, and suspect some confusion here. It would be most 
unusual for an official command to be withdrawn"

I can think of no commands being withdrawn, but some have been adapted. I
only remember one instance where the adaptation was a change of principle
and not an adaptation. The instance was a slip in the quality process
internally in Stata and the former principle was reinstituted in less than
a day.

I therefore second the quote by Nick.

What can create confusion is the lack of ADO authors like myself resulting
in several versions of a given external command showing up when users
apply the "findit" command.

Every so often I get comments from users due to the VENNDIAG routine
(Drawing Venn diagrams) not working in Stata 9. A fix for this was made
with Stata 8 and should work in Stata 9 also. But only if the users have
the latest version of Venndiag.ado.

It is therefore good practice when issuing "findit" to look a bit at the
links suggested and see if there are more versions shown. It is not always
the one shown first which is the latest.

Jens Lauritsen
Consultant, Odense University Hospital
Associate Professor University of Southern Denmark
jm.lauritsen at

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