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Re: st: Downloading all ssc modules

From   "Stas Kolenikov" <>
Subject   Re: st: Downloading all ssc modules
Date   Mon, 1 May 2006 09:46:58 -0500

On 4/27/06, Paul Millar <> wrote:
Does anyone know hot to download all the ssc modules (without typing each one in)?
As SSC is a collection of text files available over http protocol, you
should be able to tweak your favorite offline downloader (ReGet,
whatever... I use command line wget for my purposes) to get all of
that starting from, checking
that it reproduces the directory structure. Then copy the contents to
your -adopath-. I agree with Nick that this is a weird thing to do; I
did it once some seven years ago when the trees were big, and we still
used punchcards, and there were some hundred or so modules in SSC, of
which half were Nick's, half of the remainder were Jeroen Wessie's,
half of what's left was due to Kit Baum, and the other three packages
were written for Stata 2 which I did not bother to version control

Stas Kolenikov

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