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st: saving graphs and intra class correlation

From   Diego Bellavia <>
Subject   st: saving graphs and intra class correlation
Date   Thu, 20 Apr 2006 19:26:44 +0200 (CEST)

Hi to everyone, 

I am sorry to disturb with silly questions, but I am
at the beginning of my STATA training and it is tough,
Here are some questions : 

1) I have written the following .do file, because I
needed Box plots of many variables : 

foreach X of varlist *ts* *to*  {
	graph box `X' ,over(groups)
	local newname="`X'.tif"
	graph save `newname', replace
The script works fine and the graphs are saved but
when I try to open them with a viewer software (ACDSEE
for windows) I do not see opens the
image but I cannot see it. If I save in gph format and
then try to open it through STATA everything is fine. 
I cannot explain the reason and how to fix this

22) I need to measure the Intra-class correlation of a
dataset to define feasibility and reproducibility of
the measurements. May you show the best way to do that
in STATA ? 

Thanks a lot in advance 



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