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Re: st: Stata drops variables in the dataset

From (Alan Riley)
Subject   Re: st: Stata drops variables in the dataset
Date   Wed, 30 Nov 2005 10:57:38 -0600

Can Huang ( wrote
> I can not find the answer to the problem of "Stata drops variables in the
> dataset" in the on-line resources. Maybe it is too basic to you fellow
> members. I find it is different from "Why do estimation commands sometimes
> drop variables?" in
> I run a estimation command with some different options. After the first time
> of running the command, Stata randomly drops variable in the dataset. I then
> have to exit and re-enter to run the command again. An example is below. It
> happens frequently.
> ...

We have not seen this problem in an official copy of Stata.  Can
should contact Stata Technical Services at
and include the output demonstrating the problem and the output of
Stata's -about- command.

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