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st: maximum number of exogenous variables in ivtobit?

From   Adrienne L <>
Subject   st: maximum number of exogenous variables in ivtobit?
Date   Wed, 30 Nov 2005 11:46:36 -0500

Greetings statalistserv,

I am using ivtobit.  When I include more than 35 exogenous variables,
I get the following error: "invalid syntax."  I've tried different
combinations of the 35 variables and have made sure that of there is a
value in each of my variables for each observation.  I am running
Stata/SE 9.0.  Originally I thought that it was incompatibility with
the * wildcard (such a question was posted previously on this
listserv), but if I limit my wildcard to < 35 variables, there is no
Specifically I am running the following:
ivtobit y _Ix2*  _Ix3* _Ix4*  _Ix5* _Ix6*  _Ix7* (x1=x8)
[pweight=weight], ll ul cluster(village)

Neither ivreg or ivprobit (when y is converted to binary) have the
"invalid syntax" problem

Any help that you can offer is very much appreciated.


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