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st: RE: Help with graph bar

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: Help with graph bar
Date   Wed, 30 Nov 2005 13:30:33 -0000

I don't find this very clear. 

It sounds as though you want the mean percents and 
should specify that. 

If your variables are already percents, don't use
the -percent- option. 

The FAQ (very recently revised) at

may also help. 

By the way, it helps to see the _exact_ code 
you are using. What you give is not legal code, 
as it includes illegal variable names and an 
illegal command name, 
so it makes one wonder how much else you are 
changing in your report. 


Mosca, Ilaria
> I have five different variables (calculated as percentages), 
> and namely:
> the % of the population living within 15 minutes distance from a
> hospital, the % of population living within 30 minutes distance from a
> hospital, ... within 45 min..., ... within 60 min..., and over 60 min.
> The hospitals are classified into 5 categories, like general hospital,
> university hospital, and so forth.
> I would like to draw a graph bar showing the percentages of the
> population "w\in15 w\in30 w\in45 w\in60 over60 minutes" as 
> the yvars for
> the different five categories of hospitals.
> I typed in the following command:
> Graph bar w\in15 w\in30 w\in45 w\in60 over60, perc by (category)
> But I get an error report saying that the option by is not 
> allowed. What
> is the right command?
> Moreover, I have some further questions:
> 1. Being the vbs w\in15 w\in30 w\in45 w\in60 over60 already 
> percentages,
> should I specify anyway the option per? Alternatively, should 
> I use the
> "original" values and let stata calculate the percentages 
> while drawing
> the graph?
> 2. Is there any other graph I could use for this purpose?

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