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Thanks! RE: st: A way to "set more off" forever?

From   Clare L Maxwell <>
Subject   Thanks! RE: st: A way to "set more off" forever?
Date   Thu, 24 Nov 2005 19:13:19 -0600

Thank you to the people who answered this.

I had read through the part Nick mentions below, tried the also, but never thought to check "more" as a command, so never discovered ",permanently." I will try it out at the beginning of the data-processing command file I am building, then set it back on at the end.

Yours truly,

At 10:24 PM +0000 11/24/05, Nick Cox wrote:

Not curious at all, but documented and

It is explained in the very last
place I looked, [U] 7.2, although I should
have looked there first. [R] more and [P] more
did not say more on this point.

In essence,

. set more off

or for that matter

. set more on

is a local action. It holds until
countermanded, or until the current process
finishes, whichever is the sooner. The
current "process" here means an interactive
session, a do file or a program. Evidently, is just a .do file, and its
special character does not affect this

To see why this is what you really want,
consider that you call a program which
calls a program ... and so on, and the
innermost program has

. set more on

If that were a global setting, then
some innermost routine could affect
the behaviour of all the programs
of Stata above it. That would be the wrong
way round. Local -set-ting is exactly
right as the behaviour.

As Svend Juul pointed out, if you really want
this behaviour, you want a batch job.


Alan Neustadtl

 I have observed a curious behavior with "set more off".  When I use
 that command in my file, it does not work.   I set it off
 permanently, but I was still curious about the behavior.  Any ideas?

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