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st: problem with outreg2 and option label

From   "roy wada" <>
Subject   st: problem with outreg2 and option label
Date   Tue, 22 Nov 2005 17:48:03 -0500

Looks like a bug to me. A fix will be posted.


Pierre Azoulay wrote:

I have been trying to switch from outreg to outreg2, and I find that
outreg2 has problem with the label option. It works fine until I add
that option. (note: I have labels defined for the variables that are
spposed to be "outreged".

stata gives me the error message:
. outreg2 colocat lessthan10 tento50 fiftyto100 hundredto250
twofiftyto500 fivehundredto1000 onethousandto2000 regime_coauthpubs_it
ln_amount_schl_jt using xxx, word label ctitle("(1)") 2aster 10pct
tstat bracket eform replace;

variable _est_* not found

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