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st: (another) Stata 9/se windows problem

From   "K Ssdjk" <>
Subject   st: (another) Stata 9/se windows problem
Date   Tue, 22 Nov 2005 00:02:59 -0500

I am running stata 9/se on Windows XP. I am having problems when I
click on a DO file (I have these properly associated with stata).

Option 1: >Prefs>Manage Preferences>Load Preferences>Factory Setting
  When I click on my file, stata is running in the background but no
windows at all appear.

Option 2: >Prefs>Manage Preferences>Load Preferences>Maximized Windows
  Now when I click on my file, I see many of the windows (Results,
Review, Variables, Command) but not the background Stata frame (sorry
I do not know the proper name for this-- I mean the toolbar, the
pulldown menus and the grey areas behind the windows I can see). This
background eventually pops up after the program is complete. I would
really like to have the background frame during the run too (e.g. to
interrupt the program).

Does anyone have a suggestion here? I watched the movie at the UCLA
site which was suggested on a similar question but I could not figure
out whether that addressed my point.

Thanks in advance

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