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st: destring

From   martina brandt <>
Subject   st: destring
Date   Sun, 20 Nov 2005 14:39:30 +0100

dear statalist,
i am trying to destring the following variable:
type:  string (str27), unique values:  9  missing "":  0/1060
Values "Consumption" "Earnings, Gross"  "Earnings, Net" "Expenditure" "Income, .." "Income, Disposable" "Income, Gross" "Monetary Income, Disposable" "Monetary Income, Gross"
stata codebook also gives the warning:  variable has embedded blanks.
stata does not accept any of the values (1060 missings are all obs.).  i tried the "ignore" an the "force"-option, but  that was not very successful.

what else could i try?

thanks a lot in advance!

martina brandt

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