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Re: st: Extracting the varname of e(wexp) after regress ?

From   Wolfgang Langer <>
Subject   Re: st: Extracting the varname of e(wexp) after regress ?
Date   Mon, 14 Nov 2005 15:18:49 +0100

n j cox wrote:

This question was answered promptly:

>>> Wolfgang Langer wrote

Sorry, I try it a second time because I haven't got an answer.

I have written a small program to calculate the
goodness-of-fit-chi2-test after estimating a WLS-regression modell for
tabulated data (GSK-approach). How can I extract the varname from the
e(wexp) container to use it in my program? Typing "dis e(wexp)" I get
only the expression "=varname of weighting variable" but not the
varname itself. I need this to formulate my program gofchi2 mor generally.

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Thank you very much for prompt answer.


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