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st: graph matrix

From   Daniel Höchle <>
To   <>
Subject   st: graph matrix
Date   Sun, 13 Nov 2005 13:54:14 +0100

Dear all

I do have a panel dataset in wide form. The data looks like this:

PNr   MarkOut   T1      T2      T3
1     .         0.12    0.13    0.12
2     .         0.15    0.15    0.22
3     1         0.11    0.12    0.15
4     .         0.21    0.17    0.12

There are several thousand individuals (PNr) and a small subgroup of
them (MarkOut==1) is of special interest.

Is it possible to produce a scatterplot matrix (graph matrix) for
variables T1, T2, and T3 where individuals with MarkOut==. and
MarkOut==1 have markers with different colors (option mcolor)?

Furthermore, I do not know how to control the look of a single axis in a
scatter plot matrix. When I replicate the Stata manual's example ([G],
p. 120), I receive error r(198) [invalid syntax]:

. sysuse auto
. graph matrix mpg weight displ, yaxis(0(5)40, axis(1))
option yaxis() not allowed
invalid syntax

Thanks a lot for looking into this matter.

Kind regards,

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