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st: CNS Optimization?

Subject   st: CNS Optimization?
Date   Tue, 1 Nov 2005 18:57:03 -0500

I keep getting the error from the command "cnsreg"  that "regressor ___ not
found" r(111).  Has anyone gotten this one?

Also, does anyone know how to constrain time series data... Or to use the

tssmooth shwinters shw1= var1, forecast(4)
tssmooth shwinters shw2= var2, forecast(4)

s.t.  var1 + var2 = var3

By default, the above tssmooth multiplicative method solves for the optimal
values, however, I want it to optimize under a constraint.  Is this

Dr. Poi, thanks for the previous comments.  They were helpful.


Noah Kauffman



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