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st: Re: statalist-digest V4 #2142

From   Rouselle Lavado <>
Subject   st: Re: statalist-digest V4 #2142
Date   Mon, 31 Oct 2005 03:16:13 -0800

Dear Statalist members,

I am trying to run  probit with one endogenous variable.   The command
probitiv worked for me but according to the author of the command, the
standard error reported in this command are not correct. I have tried
ivprob but it always says conformability error.  I read from the Stata
help that there is another command called ivprobit.  Is this the same
as ivprob?  Can this run in Stata 8.2?  I tried this too but Stata
reported "unrecognized command:  ivprobit".

Does anybody has any suggestion how I can run endogeous probit with Stata 8.2?

Thank you very much.


Rose Lavado

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