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st: shellout for outreg2

From   "roy wada" <>
Subject   st: shellout for outreg2
Date   Wed, 26 Oct 2005 19:36:54 -0400

One of the two companion commands for outreg2 is shellout, which provides immediate access to the formed tables. shellout is a wrapper for shell. Unlike shell, shellout does not require the exact file path of the program in order to open a non-Stata document and will automatically close the DOS command window after the document has been opened.

Unfortunately, shellout only works for Windows XP/NT. I do not have access to other computer platforms and therefore cannot make the necessary adjustments for non-Windows. I would be more than happy to add the necessary codes to outreg2/shellout if someone would provide them to me.

The codes should be such that only the name of the document (myfile.doc) is sufficient to cause it to be opened using the associated program (MS Word). In other words, it must be path-invariant. Having to specify the directory path for a program is no fun at all and would not be very useful implementing from inside outreg2.


Roy Wada

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