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st: outreg2 on SSC

From   "roy wada" <>
Subject   st: outreg2 on SSC
Date   Wed, 26 Oct 2005 19:23:47 -0400

Thanks to Kit Baum, outreg2 is available from SSC.

outreg2 is based on the original outreg by John John Luke Gallup.

I have replaced the internal logic, making it compatible with any regression output within Stata. This claim should hold true, provided the regression output conforms to the usual convention for the eclass returns. (xtmixed, for example, deviates from the established convention by returning the number of group, e(N_g), as a 1x1 matrix, thus making it incompatible with the original outreg. estimates_table cannot report it, either. You get a blank. outreg2 contains a work-around for it).

I have written outreg2 with the view that the formation of regression table is an iterative part of research process. Many regression tables are formed that do not see the light of publication. The formation of regression table should be fast and easy, thus lowering the hurdle for its use (this point has been mentioned in different forms by Kit B and Steve S). Automation that requires too much fiddling is no automation at all.

Among other things, outreg2 will automatically format the number of reported digits and will accept the saved estimates, if you must have one. Two companion commands, seeout and shellout, provide immediate access to the formed tables (shellout works only for Windows XP/NT). outreg2 will convert the tab-delimited ASCII table into LaTeX (per Kit B's help), MS Word, and MS Excel documents.

The codes are rather long and it is likely that some errors exist. They should be reported to me in private, unless it is something that is better discussed on the Statalist.


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