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Re:st: r(603) error

From   n j cox <>
Subject   Re:st: r(603) error
Date   Thu, 20 Oct 2005 22:02:46 +0100

A wild surmise is that the equals sign is problematic.
The command parser may be splitting your command line
around the = into parts that your OS then fails to understand.

This hypothesis should be easy to refute if such a sign
is not problematic elsewhere or easy test by seeing if
a different character fixes the problem.


Gregory M. Kreischer

I have been having trouble with one particular command of a do-file which
simply has me miffed. The line "save
"`output'/`country'`congress'novotes=naysfinal.dta", replace" simply
attempts to save a file into a folder that I created. Stata stops at this
point and returns the r(603) error, saying that the file cannot be opened.
This makes even less sense because I have another do-file that is almost
identical that has no problem with the same line (the only difference
being the name of the file). None of the help so far has been useful.
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