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RE: st: Residual and influence diagnostics for conditional logistic regression

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: st: Residual and influence diagnostics for conditional logistic regression
Date   Thu, 20 Oct 2005 18:09:46 +0100

We are both right here. 

-search- without options searches for keywords in a 
specific sense as explained in the documentation. 

-findit- or -search, all- adds an extra search of 
the internet, or strictly of a database produced 
daily by a search conducted by StataCorp software. 

You are totally correct that the visibility of 
user-written software depends on the words 
employed by Stata user-programmers to describe 
their programs. 


Dupont, William
> Nick
> I am a little confused as to who can and should do what.  Perhaps I am
> using "keyword" incorrectly.  However, it is currently possible to use
> -findit- to find user-written programs that have not been published in
> STB or SJ by searching for "keywords".  In fact, brief experimentation
> suggests that -findit- can find any phrase that is given in a 
> program's
> help file.
> For example I submitted a program to calculate restricted 
> cubic splines
> to the RePEc data base.  To date, this program has not been 
> described in
> either STB or SJ.  However,
> -findit cubic splines- finds the program without difficulty.  My help
> file contains the phrase -implicitly specifies k knots 
> located at xvar-
> .  The command
> -findit implicitly specifies k knots located at xvar-
> immediately finds this program.  Hence, I infer that as long 
> as authors
> put appropriate keywords or phrases in their help file, users will be
> able to find their programs using -findit-.
> Incidentally, Ronna Cong does not mention conditional logistic
> regression in her help file.  She does mention "Delta-Beta influence
> statistics" and -findit- finds her program using this phrase.
> I guess what I should have said was to urge all authors who contribute
> programs to the Stata community to include lots of helpful 
> keywords and
> phrases in their documentation.  If I am correct that 
> -findit- searches
> all contributed help files for matches, then this fact is of value for
> the Stata community to know.
Nick Cox
> The Statalist FAQ advises that 
> "User-written programs accessible from the StataCorp web site have
> essentially the same status as those published on Statalist. Their
> posting there is basically a matter of convenience to users and is not
> an official endorsement by StataCorp." 
> Strictly speaking, I believe that this applies even to those programs
> that happen to have been written by people who were at the time of
> publication employees of StataCorp, in this case Ronna Cong. 
> As a consequence, programs such as -clfit- on
> are not represented by any 
> keywords at all,
> in so far as they are not included in entries in the *.key files,
> explained in the help for -keyfiles-, which are what -search- [narrow
> sense] examines. 
> Only if you use -findit- or -search, all- will you find 
> -clfit-, but not
> because of its keywords, but because of write-ups at that website that
> are detected by an internet search. 
> This is not to disagree with Bill on
> the merits of -clfit-. But it is clear that there is no way that
> user-written programs, other than those published via the STB 
> or SJ, can
> systematically and practically be included in the .key files. 

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