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st: RE: Re: RE: Installing symbolstyles

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: Re: RE: Installing symbolstyles
Date   Wed, 19 Oct 2005 22:15:12 +0100

In principle this opens up a vast array of 
possibilities. In practice, it only works
if the usual characters such as a...z A...Z 
and 0...9 occur as desired. 


Michael Blasnik
> I'd like to expand a little on Nick's 1st suggestion.  You 
> can actually get 
> at quite a variety of symbols by defining a variable that 
> contains the 
> symbol you want and using marker labels.  It takes some 
> experimentation, but 
> if you can find a font that has the symbol you want, you can 
> usually get it 
> into a Stata graph as the marker.   For example, I found that 
> char(186) is 
> the paragraph symbol in my default font, so:
> gen str1 c186=char(186)
> gr tw scatter mpg weight, mlab(c186) mlabpos(0) msym(i)
> The resulting graph uses the paragraph symbol instead of a 
> regular marker. 
> If you want to access some more esoteric symbol that isn't in 
> the default 
> font's character set, you can change the font used in the 
> graph window by 
> using Graph-Preferences.
Nick Cox
> >I believe not, as the code for this would require very low
> > level programming and StataCorp have yet to publicise how
> > to extend the graphics in this respect -- and on my guess
> > are unlikely to do that in any foreseeable future.
> >
> > You can
> >
> > 1 use printable characters within marker label variables
> >

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