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st: RE: Hurdle, etc programs up

Subject   st: RE: Hurdle, etc programs up
Date   Thu, 13 Oct 2005 12:35:09 EDT

The following programs have been posted and are now available for download  
_http://repec.ord/docs/ssc.php_ (http://repec.ord/docs/ssc.php) 
cpoisson  : censored Poisson (enhanced from -cepois-)
nbcensore: censored negative binomial 
zig          : zero-truncated  geometric
hpclg       : Poisson-clog hurdle
hplogit     : Poison-logit hurdle
hgclg       : geometric-clog hurdle
hglogit     : geometric-logit hurdle
hnbclg      :negative binomial-clog hurdle
hnblogit    : negative binomial-logit hurdle
I have also prepared a "generalized negative binomial with endogenous  
stratification" program which will also be submitted as soon as I finish a  help 
file for it. 
All programs require Stata version 9.1 in order to run. 
Joe Hilbe
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