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st: RE: Updating a license file under Linux

From (Alan Riley)
Subject   st: RE: Updating a license file under Linux
Date   Thu, 13 Oct 2005 11:14:34 -0500

Jean Salvati ( asked about updating a license file under
> I need to update a Stata license file under Linux. How can I do that
> without reinstalling Stata? Right now we don't have any windowing GUI on
> that Linux system.
> In Windows I usually delete the existing license file, and the next time
> I start Stata it prompts me to enter the new license information, but
> the behavior seems different under Linux.

Under Unix/Linux, a separate program named -stinit- is used to initialize
Stata.  To update the license (for example, after adding additional
users to a network license), the old license file needs to be renamed
and a new one created with -stinit-.  This should typically be done
as root:

    % su
    # cd /usr/local/stata9
    # mv stata.lic stata.oldlic
    # ./stinit

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