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re:st: parallel regr assump and weighted data

From   Richard Williams <>
To, statalist <>
Subject   re:st: parallel regr assump and weighted data
Date   Fri, 07 Oct 2005 20:00:48 -0500

At 05:52 PM 10/7/2005, Ian Watson wrote:
Richard Williams' very neat -gologit2- should meet your needs. It
supports iweights, fweights and pweights, and it goes beyond just
testing for the parallel regression assumption by allowing you to fit
models which violate it. There's also a very good discussion paper:

The program is available from ssc archives by typing:

    ssc install gologit2
Thanks to Ian for the plug, especially since I had failed to read the original message. The program also supports the Stata 8.2 svy features if your data set is set up that way (the new features in 9.0 are not supported yet.) More information about the program, as well as a troubleshooting FAQ, can be found at

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