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st: RE: Plain text Messages on Statalist

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: Plain text Messages on Statalist
Date   Thu, 6 Oct 2005 15:39:57 +0100

I am not clear what you are asking here. The 
statement in the FAQ is a clear request with 
a very clear rationale. But people do not get 
thrown off Statalist for failing to comply. 
I do gather that many people delete HTML unread 
because they regard it as anti-social and unreadable 
in any case. Much depends on whether your mailer 
can digest it. 

There is plenty of evidence that many people who 
send HTML have the facility to send plain text, but 
just do not do this, usually as an oversight. 

What are you saying is that some people cannot 
produce plain text. At worse, those people will find 
that their messages cannot get through or that they get some 
flak from list members such as myself for sending 
HTML. If anyone objects to that, which is pretty mild, 
perhaps they should consider not posting 
to Statalist if they cannot comply with its 
recommendations, which are long-standing, or starting
another list run according to their practices. 

Alternatively, if people have tried hard to find out a 
way to do this and failed, then they are at liberty to 
state that fact on their emails. 

I cannot see a case for changing the FAQ here. 


Thomas Speidel
> I wanted to bring Statalist members' attention to plain text messages.
> The Statalist FAQ asks the following: 
> "Please make sure that your mailer is set to "Plain Text" for outgoing
> messages (or the equivalent for your mailer); that is, do not 
> send HTML,
> Rich Text, VCards, winmail.dat files, other attachments, or anything
> other than Plain Text"
> Unfortunately, a few of us cannot modify their email client 
> settings to
> send plain text messages.  This is especially true for those
> environments exclusively using webmail clients (e.g. Outlook Web
> Access).  Here the option to send plain text messages can only be set
> globally for every user.
> I was able to find a workaround, but realize not everyone can do that.
> Perhaps, something can be added to the Statalist FAQ on this topic.

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