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RE: st: Fill patterns in stata8 hbar graph

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: st: Fill patterns in stata8 hbar graph
Date   Sun, 25 Sep 2005 16:38:24 +0100

To make it three in a row, I confirm that none
of what want is possible in Stata, and quite 
deliberately. Questions like yours do come up 
once or twice a year on Statalist and the answer
always is the same, and has been so since the 
very first Stata graphic. 

Qualitative or categorical contrasts 
can also be conveyed by grouping, 
text labels, etc., but tartan, polka dots and 
what not must be sought elsewhere. 


Michael Blasnik
> Edward Tufte has also written extensively on the problems 
> with "chart junk" 
> that includes diagonal lines, cross-hatching and other fill 
> patterns within 
> bars.  I find that gray scale works quite well with 4 or 
> fewer levels to 
> distinguish, but if you need more then you should probably 
> think about using 
> a different type of graphic to convey your data -- bar graphs 
> are usually 
> not very good ways to present complex information that 
> requires multiple fill patterns.

Eric G. Wruck
> > Pas possible.  I think Stata takes the work of Tukey (1977) 
> "Exploratory 
> > Data Analysis", & William Cleveland's books, Visualizing 
> Data (1993) & 
> > "The Elements of Graphing Data" (1994), as 
> state-of-the-art.  You will not 
> > find any fill patterns in Cleveland's books (at least that 
> I can find). 
> > With a good printer, the various greys should be 
> distinguishable on a 
> > graph.  I would be interested in hearing what others have 
> to say on this.

Eric Magar. 

> Neither menus nor manuals seem to describe how bar fill 
> colors in a hbar 
> graph can be replaced with patterns (such as diagonal lines, small 
> squares, etc.) that are easy to distinguish from one 
> another in a black 
> and white setting. 

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