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Re: st: Parse question

Subject   Re: st: Parse question
Date   Thu, 22 Sep 2005 12:25:48 -0400

Thanks to both Nick Cox and Nick Winter.
The two solutions worked fine.
You're genius.
Best regards.

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I was wondering this the other day but didn't
remember anything. You could try -tokenize-
using the character in question, but then
you have to keep track of occurrences at
the beginning and end as well as in the middle.

Given this,

*! NJC 1.0.0 22 Sept 2005
program charcount, sclass
             version 8
             args string char garbage
             if `"`char'"' == "" | `"`garbage'"' != "" error 198

             local c = 0
             forval i = 1/`= length(`"`string'"')' {
                         if substr(`"`string'"',`i',1) == `"`char'"' local ++c

             sreturn local count = `c'

you should fire at it a quoted string and a quoted character,

charcount "`loc'" "a"

and it will leave behind -s(count)- with the answer.

di s(count)

There's also no doubt a Mata solution.


Is there any way to count the number of occurence of a particular
character in a local or global macro?
For example:
local loc (a mama baba).
I would like to count the number of occurences of "a" , in this case 5.
Or local loc "There; That; This)
I want to count the number of occurences of ";".
I am writing an ado for a work and I can't figure how to do it.
I have a look at macrolists but there is no mention of that case.

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