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st: Problem with xtmixed after gam (was:xtmixed broken in Stata 9.1?)

From   "Dr. Stephen Rothenberg" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: Problem with xtmixed after gam (was:xtmixed broken in Stata 9.1?)
Date   Wed, 21 Sep 2005 15:34:42 -0500

The problem was solved by exiting Stata, shutting down the machine, booting up cold and re-running the commands.

Previous to the xtmixed problems I had been running a set of -gam- models on another data set.

After successfully running -xtmixed- on a clean machine and unused Stata session, I then tried a -gam- analysis and went back to -xtmixed-. The problem re-appeared.

Apparently -gam- now does something bad to Stata 9.1, leaving it in a state from which it cannot use what -xtmixed requires. Perhaps its call to a FORTRAN program is what screws up the subsequent -xtmixed-. The problem doesn't occur after -gam- when I run the "pig" data set with regress nor when I try -xtreg, mle-, but I don't have time to exhaustively test all the -xt- commands

Does anyone know if Patrick Royston or Gareth Ambler, the authors of -gam-, are still members of statalist?

Thanks for clueing me that it was something I had done, Nick, and not general to Stata 9.1.


----- Original Message ----- From: "Nick Cox" <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, September 21, 2005 3:08 PM
Subject: st: RE: Re: RE: xtmixed broken in Stata 9.1?

That clearly looks OK. The explanation
must therefore lie elsewhere, but I've
run out of ideas.


Dr. Stephen Rothenberg

Here is my update status:

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    folder:               C:\Program Files\Stata9\
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    latest available:     15 Sep 2005

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Nick Cox

> This works for me.
> Perhaps you updated your executable, but not
> the other files.
Dr. Stephen Rothenberg

>> I'm trying to run -xtmixed- in Stata 9.1 SE, Windows XP,
>> after successfully using it in Stata 9.0.
>> I keep getting the same error message no matter what my model
>> specs are (see
>> below).  Finally I tried copying Example 1 from the -xtmixed-
>> section of the
>> panel data manual.
>> I downloaded the "pig" data set used in the example and tried
>> the code
>> listed there:
>>     . use
>>     (Longitudinal analysis of pig weights)
>>     . xtmixed weight week || id:
>>     last estimates not found
>>     r(301);
>> The "not found" error message is the same problem when I use
>> my own data
>> set.
>> Am I doing something dumb or is -xtmixed- broked in Stata 9.1?
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