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st: numbering observations

From   daphna <>
Subject   st: numbering observations
Date   Wed, 21 Sep 2005 12:45:13 -0700

I have a very basic question, so I am sorry to bother the list members if this is too obvious.

I have observations about people at 24 time points and oftentimes I have more than 1 observation per time period. The data is about earnings, so for instance, if a person had two jobs in june 1996, i have two observations for them then. If they had 3 jobs in october 1996, I would have 3 observations for that time period- one observation per job.

For now, all I would like to do it create a new variable "jobs" which arbitrarily assigns a number to each job within a time period. (ie. 1 for the first job in 6/96, 2 for the second, 1 for the first job in 10/96... etc)

(eventually i will use this variable to reshape the data)

I hope my question makes sense. I can't seem to find a command that will do this, but I may have just missed it.

Thanks for any advice,

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