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st: Stata Journal 5(3)

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: Stata Journal 5(3)
Date   Thu, 15 Sep 2005 22:30:39 +0100

Sharp-eyed readers of the -help whatsnew- in today's Stata 9.1 will have noticed
details of the contents of Stata Journal 5(3), which will shortly be released. This 
issue is an interesting mix of lengthy write-ups of several key programs already 
released and of what will be new to almost everybody. 

To learn more about the Stata Journal, see and

B. Jann: Making regression tables from stored estimates

T. Bartus: Estimation of marginal effects using -margeff-

M. Schonlau: Boosted regression (boosting): An introductory 
	tutorial and Stata plugin

N. Orsini, D. Rizzuto, and N. Nante: 
	Introduction to game-theory calculations

W.D. Dupont and W.D. Plummer, Jr.: Using sunflower plots 
	to explore bivariate relationships in dense data

P. Guimaraes: A simple approach to fit the beta-binomial model

R.M. Conroy: Stings in the tails: Detecting & dealing with 
	censored data

P. Royston and N.J. Cox: A multivariable scatterplot smoother

D. Kantor and N.J. Cox: Depending on conditions: a tutorial on 
	the -cond()- function

W. Gould: Mata matters: Translating Fortran

N.J. Cox: Speaking Stata: The protean quantile plot

R. Bellocco: Review of Statistics for Epidemiology by Jewell

P. Ryan: Stata tip 22: Variable name abbreviation

N.J.G. Winter: Stata tip 23: Regaining control over axis ranges

N.J. Cox: Stata tip 24: Axis labels on two or more levels

and Software Updates for 8 items. 

H. Joseph Newton and Nicholas J. Cox 
Editors, Stata Journal

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