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st: Stata 9.1 (ado and executable update)

Subject   st: Stata 9.1 (ado and executable update)
Date   Thu, 15 Sep 2005 13:21:22 -0500

Stata 9.1 is now available.  Stata 9 users obtain it as a free
update using Stata's -update- command (type -update- or click
"Help" and select "Official Updates" and then follow the

Highlights for release 9.1 include the following:

    o  Multiple log files may be opened simultaneously.

    o  Survey linearization is now 2 to 100 times faster, the
       larger multiplier applying to large datasets with many
       sampling units.

    o  The string length limit has been increased to 244 for
       Intercooled and Small Stata to match Stata/SE.

    o  Up to 300 estimation results may be stored.

    o  Mata has a new permutation function making it easier
       to program exact permutation tests.

    o  Mata has several other new features, including new
       string, regular expression, and binary I/O functions.

    o  Graphs exported to PNG or TIFF bitmap format may now have
       their sizes specified, allowing the resolution to be
       greater than screen resolution.

    o  There is a new command for computing marginal effects
       after an alternative-specific multinomial probit model.

    o  There is now a console version of Stata/SE for the

    o  Collecting statistics across a by list using the statsby
       command is now allowed in more situations, including with
       postestimation commands.

    o  Fay's adjustment is now allowed with balanced repeated
       replications (BRR) for complex survey data.

After updating, type -help whatsnew- to see the full list of
improvements and fixes that are found in this update.

Ken Higbee
StataCorp     1-800-STATAPC

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