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Re: st: insheet, European format, comma

From   Henrik Lindegaard <>
Subject   Re: st: insheet, European format, comma
Date   Mon, 29 Aug 2005 17:33:54 +0200

Thank you very much Herr Kohler - your second suggestion worked (with a small modification).

I just replaced "drop tempvar" with "drop `var'". Whatever the difference is - it does what I want.

Kind Regards
Henrik Lindegaard

Den 29/8-2005, kl. 17.07, skrev Ulrich Kohler:

Henrik Lindegaard wrote:
I am trying to insheet a file containing rows of data of the following
format into Stata 9

CENTRALSYGEHUS";"Oto-, rhino-, laryngologi";8,3;9,7;8,2;6,8;6,6;4,8;

by using

insheet using "path", delimiter(";") names clear

but unfortunately the data in columns 5 to 10 are imported as strings
(probably due to the European format), and I cannot figure out how to
change this.
If the data stems from Excel you might change the language settings in Excel
and export the file again. If this is not an option I would do that within
Stata as follows:

. foreach var of varlist var5-var10 {
. replace `var' = subinstr(`var',",",".",.)
. destring `var', gen(`var'n)
. drop tempvar
. }

Explanation: Inside the loop, the first command replaces the "commas" with
"dot", the second generates "real" variables from the changed versions.
See -help strfun- and -help destring- for details.


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