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st: insheet, European format, comma

From   Henrik Lindegaard <>
Subject   st: insheet, European format, comma
Date   Mon, 29 Aug 2005 16:29:15 +0200

Dear listeners,

I am trying to insheet a file containing rows of data of the following format into Stata 9

"Ringkøbing amt";"ØRE-, NÆSE- OG HALSAFDELING";"HOLSTEBRO CENTRALSYGEHUS";"Oto-, rhino-, laryngologi";8,3;9,7;8,2;6,8;6,6;4,8;
"Århus amt";"KARDIOLOGISK AFDELING B";"SKEJBY SYGEHUS";"Kardiologi";2,7;8,8;5,7;5,7;7,7;13,4;

by using

insheet using "path", delimiter(";") names clear

but unfortunately the data in columns 5 to 10 are imported as strings (probably due to the European format), and I cannot figure out how to change this.

Any suggestions would be welcome!


Henrik Lindegaard
Studentermedhjælp, stud.oecon.
Telefon: (+45) 8942 3186
Aarhus Universitet
Afd. for Sundhedstjenesteforskning
Universitetsparken, bygn. 1.264
DK-8000 Århus

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