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st: request -export- as option to -graph-

From   Daniel Egan <>
Subject   st: request -export- as option to -graph-
Date   Fri, 26 Aug 2005 16:19:51 -0400

another. I actually have to immediately export them into emf, wmf,
whatever my employer desires. I have realized that an immediate
-export()- option (analogous to -saving()-)  would be extremely
useful, literally cutting my code in half. I cannot execute within a
loop because the names of the graphs have to be pretty descriptive of
what I am doing.
  current code
  tw (blah blah blah).....
  gr export "here.emf"
  desired code:
  tw (blah blah blah), export("here.emf", emf)
  another nice touch would be to not have to display the graph to
export it ( much like saving()), but my (limited) understanding of how
export works involves printer drivers converting files, such that the
graph must be displayed in order to "print" it.
 I know they are small things, but when making many (many) graphs, it
adds up. Based on my runtimes (with tw and sub ado's already loaded
before times taken):
 graph,        : 5.5 seconds
 export        : 0.5 seconds
   graph w/ export   : 6.0 seconds
 graph, nodraw saving()         : 4.3 seconds
 Assuming graph, nodraw export() acts the same, I save 1.7 seconds per graph. 
 A measely 1.7 seconds you say? True.... however I am running  a total
of 1000 graphs (20 graphs from 50 different files). Thats a half hour
to me.
 Anyways, seemed like a useful option to me, though I wanted to see if
anyone else thought so...
 Dan Egan
 Full disclosure: I have been working with this for three days now. My
current view of the importance is thus highly skewed.

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