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RE: st: xtabond has changed in stata9 and I can't explain why

To   Stata _ <>
Subject   RE: st: xtabond has changed in stata9 and I can't explain why
Date   Thu, 25 Aug 2005 20:22:32 -0400

Nick and David: Ok, I did -update all- on my stata8. Now I get the same 
results in both versions stata 8 and stata9, showing that my xtabond 
has been updated in Stata8 (Nick, yes I understand your point that the 
update was made by Stata to version 8). What ultimately answered my 
question was the information under "xtabond" when I did -help whatsnew- 
after my updating. This info explains the errors that existed in the 
nonupdated xtabond version.
Thanks all,

You've missed David's point. 

To see the latest -xtabond-, you just need to 
-update- your Stata 8. Stata 9 added masses 
of things, but nothing to -xtabond-. 


> David, 
> thanks for your response. Is there a way that I can see what 
> updates to 
> xtabond have been made to xtabond from stata8 to stata9? This 
> will help 
> me understand what xtabond is doing differently compared to 
> before, and 
> hence what I should do differently in my analysis if I use 
> the updated version of stata8, or if I use stata9. 

David M. Drukker, StataCorp
> Tewodaj Mogues <> wrote that the 
> -pre( ,lagstruct())- option causes -xtabond- to produce different 
> results in
> Stata 8 and Stata 9.
> I suspect that Tewodaj is not using an up-to-date Stata 8 and that the
> difference is due to the changes to -xtabond- that were part of the
> 14may2004 update to Stata 8.
> I suggest that Tewodaj type
> . update all
> in his version of Stata 8.  
> Since the 14may2004 update, no changes have been made to -xtabond-.

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