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RE: st: RE: Problems with Stata 9?

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: st: RE: Problems with Stata 9?
Date   Thu, 25 Aug 2005 17:30:40 +0100

First off, it seems likely that many people, 
particularly those relatively new to Stata, or 
those who don't study the Stata literature in detail, 
are not aware who Joe Hilbe is. Joe was the first 
editor of the Stata Technical Bulletin and directly 
or indirectly contributed several key things 
to Stata, especially in the first decade or 
so. So: he's no ordinary Joe, and has been 
a distinguished member of the Stata community 
since the beginning, as his piece in SJ 5(1) 

Beyond that, I have no knowledge on 
exactly why Joe wants input and what 
he is going to do with it. That's for him 
to comment on at his convenience. 

Naturally, there remain two well-trod ways 
of discussing the limitations of Stata: 

1. Statalist. One advantage of open 
discussion is that you can sometimes learn
that you are wrong: the functionality does 
actually exist! Also, a wide consensus on 
any point is likely to be more evident 
to StataCorp. 

2. Tech-support. One advantage of that 
is requests do get filed. Of course, your 
good idea may be competing with ten 
thousand others, but you are going direct
to the people who develop Stata. 

The question of where to put stuff has 
also been raised, and that's for individual
user-programmers to decide. I can appreciate
why many users prefer to maintain their own 

For my part I want to underline my support for the SSC 
archive maintained by Kit Baum. It's an 
archive, and not refereed, but there are entry 
thresholds and unique filenames within SSC are 
guaranteed. Lastly, the existence of the -ssc- 
command within official Stata is an attempt to 
make use of SSC as reliable and painless as possible.


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