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st: RE: problem with "update swap"

From (Kevin Turner)
Subject   st: RE: problem with "update swap"
Date   Wed, 24 Aug 2005 09:09:14 -0500

Susan Meng (smeng@Princeton.EDU) writes:

>I would like to download the newest executable in STATA 8, but when I
>type the command "update swap" it gives me the following error message:
>. update swap
>     1.  Removing older backups
>         removing wstata_old.exe
>     2.  Backing up current executables.
>         copying wstata.exe to wstata_old.exe
>The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another
>Could not copy C:\unzipped\Stata8\Stata8\wstata.exe to
>  > stata_old.exe
>What can I do to fix this? Thanks

Typically, when you see this it is the result of more than one Stata running.
Close all except the one you are typing -update swap- from and it should work.

Sometimes (and I know this from experience) it can be hard to determine if 
there are multiple instances of Stata running. To find these hidden instances
of Stata, try using the 'Task Manager' of Windows. It will list all running 
applications and you can close them from there. Of course, you may decide that
manually copying the executables is easier, like Christian Holz suggested but 
you may run into the same situation -- Windows might prevent you from renaming 
a file that is in use. Another low tech solution is to simply reboot. Windows 
would close all open applications; when you log back in, open Stata and 
type -update swap-.

Hope this helps,


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